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The e-cigaerette for real smokers

nikoBlue has been Austria's most successful E-cigarette since 2012 and has already made over 35,000 smokers to vapers, and tens of thousands smokers to non-smokers for good. We are a medium-sized family business and make tobacco companies much smaller with great pleasure. nikoBlue stands for real tobacco flavors and simple, small and absolutely safe devices in cigarette design.




nikoBlue Favoriten

Landgutgasse 26

1100 Wien

Mo.–Fr. 9–19 Uhr, Sa. 9–18 Uhr


nikoBlue Simmering

Simmeringer Hauptstraße 113

1110 Wien

Mo.–Fr. 9–19 Uhr, Sa. 9–18 Uhr


nikoBlue Penzing

Linzer Straße 44

1140 Wien

Mo.–Fr. 9–18 Uhr, Sa. 9–18 Uhr

nikoBlue Hernals

EKZ Hernals - Elterleinplatz 12

1170 Wien

Mo.–Fr. 9–19 Uhr, Sa. 9–17 Uhr

nikoBlue Floridsdorf

Am Spitz 9

1210 Wien

Mo.–Fr. 9–19 Uhr, Sa. 9–18 Uhr

nikoBlue Liesing

EKZ Riverside Breitenfurter Straße 37

1230 Wien

Mo.–Do. 9–20 Uhr, Fr. 9–21 Uhr, Sa. 9–18 Uhr

nikoBlue Graz

Joanneumring 4

8010 Graz

Mo.–Fr. 9–19 Uhr, Sa. 9–18 Uhr


nikoBlue Linz

Hauptstraße 37

4040 Linz

Mo.–Fr. 9–19 Uhr, Sa. 9–18 Uhr


nikoBlue Baden

E.Wilhelmring 14

2500 Baden

Mo.–Fr. 9–18 Uhr, Sa. 9–18 Uhr

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We are here for you!


Give us a call under 01/997 29 27

or simply write us an email to

Our hotline is manned from Mo-Fr between 9:00 and 17:00 Uhr.

(except public holiday)



Franz Seba

Founder & CEO

01/997 29 27


Judith Seba

Head of Sales & Promotion

+43 660 25 99 685


The only e-cigarette with a lifetime exchange

guarantee on batteries!


You can exchange your defective standard batteries in all ours

nikoBlue stores free of charge or just contact our customer support.



Ingredients in e-cigarettes are strictly regulated. When used as intended, the risks of technical failure are no higher than with other battery-operated devices.

Smoke Stop

E-cigarettes are an effective way of quitting smoking, up to twice as effective as traditional methods. E-cigarettes are not an introduction to tobacco consumption, especially not for young people.


Electronic cigarettes are far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.




nikoBlue expanded to Germany in 2019. BePosh from Düsseldorf by founder Mark Wappler had to withdraw from the market despite millions of investments in the back. In 2019, the trademark rights of the failed German competitor BePosh were taken over. The BePosh brand has gradually disappeared from the German market - customers switched to nikoBlue with great enthusiasm.

Cooperation & Expansion

nikoBlue is open to expansion into other countries.


If you are interested in working with us, please contact us directly under 01/997 29 27 or


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We do the recycling

for you!


nikoBlue Refills should be disposed as metal waste or given to one of our shops or chosen tobacco stores.

Since summer 2021 you will receive a reward for your commitment as exchange for 250 recycled refills.

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